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2018: The Year My Dream Life Becomes Reality?

Light patterns

It’s been a difficult yet fantastical year for me. Things have happened that have left my jaw wedged to the floor. My faith in the universe and that there is a higher power has increased to levels which I now consider solid and unbreakable. But my outer world……..still the same! I’m still living in a town and a house that I don’t want to be in. I’m still lonely and I’m still not doing the kind of work that will truly satisfy me. Oh yeah, and I have no money!

But 2017 saw a few budding shoots. They have enabled me to see a pathway clearly, towards what I deem will be an incredible future. And I believe 2018 will be the first of many amazing years in my life; years that I have waited my whole time on this planet to experience. Full of joy, love, adventure, abundance and peace.

What makes me so confident 2018 will be the first year where my dreams start to come true? Well, there are three  reasons:

Firstly, natural progression.

2015 – I still had an anxiety disorder. Life was bad. Very bad. Although the worst was over and I was no longer suicidal, the soil was still dry and infertile!

2016 – BAM!!! Spiritual awakening!! Everything started to change, internally. I began serious self-development – seeds were being planted.

2017 – I started to take greater action on what I learned the previous year. I watered the seeds and a few shoots start to appear!

2018 – I expect those shoots to blossom into beautiful flowers!


Secondly, the shoots that have already started to materialise, I expect to grow in the coming months.

They include:

My budding relationship with a beautiful woman who I’ve become friends with (who a psychic predicted I would become close with!)

My new job living and working in Thailand which begins in 2018

My new sources of passive income in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency world

My blog, which I hope to grow to much bigger levels in 2018

Thirdly, the psychic predicted great things for me!

Although her reading was only for 12-18 months, it was obvious that she could have given me my ENTIRE life future, if she wanted to. She occasionally hinted at things which would happen further down the line. I think it was her way of reassuring me, because at the time, I was in a troublesome place and desperate for some nuggets of comfort.

Here’s what she told me about my life past 2018:

I was going to be successful

I should continue trading because I would make good money but not for at least 2 years (and as I’ll be in Thailand for at least 6 months and won’t be trading over there, that would explain why).

I was going to make money from a website and people would get in touch with me (that’s the Bitcoin club I’m part of)

I was definitely not gonna stay where I am now and would go on another round the world trip

Now, as she has been correct in almost everything else she told me that night, with uncanny accuracy, I simply have to believe that she will be right on all of that too. And by the way, for her to say I would be successful, well, that might seem like a broad statement which anyone could guess but bear in mind:

I was skint, in huge debt, living at my Mum’s house, with no regular income – so that was a MASSIVE leap for her to make! I was anything BUT successful! So I’m confident she did more than just guess.



The great thing compared to where I was when I saw the psychic, was that I can see pathways opening up, clear as crystal. I can see where the Thailand adventure can lead to. I can see how my new financial endeavours can create the visualisations I have been doing for so long.

I can see how my big, long term dreams (which I wrote about here on the blog) can start to materialise. But the difference now is that I am not desperate to control anything. I KNOW I’m gonna be successful. So how that happens exactly, doesn’t matter. I will just go with the flow and see what the universe throws up.

If I’d been so blinkered that I only wanted my life to run exactly as I had planned, I would have missed out on some even BETTER things. For example, at the start of 2017, my only plan was to make money trading and move to London. If I’d stubbornly carried on down that path, I would never have started this blog, never have got the job in Thailand and probably never have found an even better opportunity to make money. Instead, I took  a few risks, got creative, opened myself to other opportunities and saw where the wind would take me.

I plan to do the same in 2018. I’m almost certain that in a year’s time, there will be new opportunities that I  never dreamed would happen today, that will be drawn into my life. Much of that will be because I’m a more confident person than I was a year ago. I even walk and sound different, due to the work I’ve put in to fake it till I make it! And yes, I do believe it will be because of the law of attraction:

Opportunities come about because of PEOPLE.  The higher your vibration, the more people vibrating on that frequency will be attracted towards you. And the more positive, exciting people who you attract, the more positive, exciting opportunities will appear before you.

It has a snowball effect and I belive that I’m only just starting to gather snow as I push the ball uphill. At some point, I’m gonna reach the top and then when we start to roll downhill……………….well, you’d better just be ready because it’s gonna be a spectacular ride!!


To end 2017, I want to say thank you to all my readers.

You are the reason I write this blog because I want you to gain from all the wonderful knowledge I’ve gleaned over the past 2 years, which is improving my life.

Know that if I can change my life, from suicidal anxiety disorder, to self assuredness and awesome opportunites which are materilaising, YOU can do the same.

I hope you’ll follow my journey through 2018. Happy New Year 🙂




  1. mia vas says:

    Happy New Year Timothy!!! I think it is going to be an amazing year for you. Mia

  2. Happy new year, wishing you all the happiness you deserve Tim 🙂

    1. Happy new year bloggie!! Lovely to hear from you and hope your 2018 will be bright and beautiful!

    1. Happy new year Lucy, thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. Jennys jobs says:

    Just found your blog, loving it Tim!! We will both smash it in 2018 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Happy new year Jenny, I’m certain we both will!! Thanks for commenting 🙂

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