My “Spiritual Awakening” Part 3

To summarise the first 2 parts:

After recovery from anxiety, I was left with a mess to deal with. I was going nowhere and needed guidance, answers as to what to do next.

They came to me in the form of a book “Think and Grow Rich”, which opened my eyes to a different way of looking at success and work.

From this, I began questioning EVERYTHING. Information began to seemingly fall into my vision which I’d ignored my entire life about everything from healthcare and education to spirituality and science. For 12 months, I studied literally every day: books, videos, courses, websites, whatever info I could find, I devoured it. From quantum physics to ancient history, Japanese reiki to global conspiracies, vegan diets to neuroscience, the law of attraction to Buddhism. My mind had been opened to completely different ways of life and alternative viewpoints, many of which I’d baulked at before. But I could see how they were all connected by one major factor; they made far more sense than the often ridiculous and counter-intuitive ways of living that most of us were brought up blindly to believe and never to question.



The big game changer for me, after “Think and Grow Rich”, was learning about quantum physics (the study of matter at an atomic level). Why this was so important to my awakening was because it basically proved that our reality is not what it seems.

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My “Spiritual Awakening” Part 2


After crushing anxiety but now having to deal with the mess it had inflicted upon my life, I came across Napoleon Hill’s legendary “Think and Grow Rich”  and BANG!! Game changer. I’ll talk more about this book (which can be downloaded legally for free) in another post. For now, let’s just say my awakening had truly begun when Mr. Hill made me realise that my life, my destiny, my future was entirely in MY OWN HANDS. No excuses. No blame to place on anyone else. Not the bat-shit crazy man who assaulted me. Not the anxiety which sent my mind and body into shock-waves. Not my age, race, lack of money. Nothing. That gave me an immense feeling of power that I’d never experienced before. The idea that anyone can achieve almost anything if they simply think in the correct manner, remains the best piece of advice I have ever read. Understanding what thoughts are and the power they have, was crucial; who’d have thought it!! (see what I did there?).

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