10 Important Things I Learned During My Spiritual Awakening

So here’s a few things you need to know about me going through a  spiritual awakening:

  • I’m not going crazy!
  • I’m not part of some weird cult!
  • I haven’t become a born again Christian!
  • I’m not a conspiracy theorist!

The information that I’ve taken in is widely available and much of it was known and recorded by the early human civilisations (such as the ancient Egyptians) going back over 4000 years. It’s only becoming more widely known now because of the internet.

Up to 2016, I was not at all open to much of this. I was a staunch atheist who believed that when you’re dead, you’re dead. I didn’t believe in anything remotely spiritual. I laughed at people who thought that “everything happens for a reason” and there are no coincidences. That if science couldn’t prove something beyond all doubt, then it didn’t exist. That eastern medicine was weird and not to be trusted, unlike western medicine. But what this awakening did for me, was make me question why I had those beliefs. I soon realised that the majority of the beliefs I had were not based on any research on my behalf and in some cases, with very little knowledge of the subject. I had merely appropriated them from other people; from “society” in general. And this is true for an alarming number of self-held beliefs that almost all of us have.

I’m just a normal guy, who believed everything he was taught at school without really questioning it and had become a person with strong views on many topics without really delving into possible alternative viewpoints. What the awakening did was introduce me to those alternative viewpoints. Now I could still just as easily have stuck by my guns, with my old way of thinking but what I was reading, well, it just made more sense!! In fact, it seemed far more logical, to the point where my whole life began clicking into place. But not without a struggle!



What happens next is known as “cognitive dissonance”. Where you get so much new information that challenges your beliefs and goes against what you previously thought, that your mind goes all over the place – shaken up and confused. It’s at times, a horrible feeling. Not knowing quite what to believe, not knowing quite what your reality is. On the one hand, I was drawn towards this new way of thinking. I wanted to have 100’% faith in the new ideas because they meant ultimately, an escape from the shit life which I had. They provided answers and optimism. But at the same time, you can’t just over-ride 30 years of ingrained beliefs that are to the contrary. They are etched deep into your subconscious and they aren’t going away without a fight! So I was in turmoil for months.

Some days I’d be full of adrenaline, excited about the future and wanting to tell the whole world what I’d discovered so they could see the truth too. Then the next day, I would doubt it all and slip into a massive downer, where I was anxious and desperate for proof, a sign that would be delivered to make it 100% certain that it was true. What fucked with my mind even more was that sometimes, I  actually DID seem to get a sign! Let’s just say, I’ve experienced some very weird coincidences. I will save these for later posts!

So what exactly did I learn that was causing me such turbulence? Here are the 10 Most Important things:


  1. Everything is made of energy. Reality is not quite as it seems to our limited six senses.
  2. Everything in our life is a result of what we think about most. So we must always attempt to think and act positively.
  3. The concept of the ego and the self. We must kill the ego and listen to our true self (soul).
  4. The subconscious drives almost EVERYTHING we do. We have many subconscious limiting beliefs that control our lives negatively, often without us even realising.
  5. Everything we need is within us already. We must forget trying to control external factors and work on ourselves CONSTANTLY. That means learning and self-development
  6. Love is the only truth. Everything else is just an illusion. Love is the thing that drives each and every one of us.
  7. There is something else out there, a force greater than us. Some call it “god” or “the universe” or “consciousness” or a “higher self”. But whatever it is, I now believe there is something at work.
  8. Even our two most important organs (the brain and heart) are still relatively unexplored. What we are starting to learn is incredible……and proves that as a human race, we know NOTHING! That is the open mindset we all need to have.
  9. Habits are the key to change. Ingrain good habits, you’ll have a good life. Do nothing about bad habits…….
  10. The systems that are in place now, in western society, are FUCKED. Education, healthcare, nutrition, employment, politics, religion, environment – FUCKED. They only serve the wealthy and corporations. The rest of us need to wake up and change that.


If you haven’t got a clue what the hell any of those things mean, don’t worry; neither did I a year ago! But as I go along with this blog, I will explain a bit more in individual posts and go on to tell you how a spiritual awakening has changed me as a person. It’s a lot to take in and learn but I honestly believe that this is the way the world is headed and the sooner people “wake up” to this, the sooner the world will be a better place.

For now though, if you’re still new to this, I would expect you to be nothing less than very sceptical! I certainly would’ve been a year ago. If someone like me can have my head turned by this, then anyone can. But when I provide you with info from people who know far more about this stuff than I do, hopefully that will start to soften you. All you need is to be open minded. That’s where this all starts. If you want to make big changes in your life, then you need to be open to new ideas because what you know now clearly isn’t working! My aim is to put it into practice and show you that it does work.

Hasta luego!

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