My Huge Financial Law of Attraction Goals


Over the past year and a half, I’ve dedicated my entire life to learning about becoming a better person and creating a better life. Perhaps the biggest aspect of this was getting the law of attraction working in my favour. I’m at a place where I am now starting to attract people, opportunities and incredible “coincidences” on a pretty regular basis. But the one area where I’ve still yet to attract any real abundance, is financially.

I realise that this has much to do with the fact that my biggest mental blocks and limiting beliefs remain money-related – almost entirely in fact! I honestly don’t think I have ANY serious limiting beliefs remaining about anything else. But I know money is still an issue. It still plagues me, the worry and anxiety about not having enough money to do what I want in life.

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A List of Daily Affirmations Which Helped Massively Change My Life

Scrabble words

I’ve mentioned many times on the blog that spoken affirmations are one of the keys to getting me through some tough times and building good new mental habits. They are now part of my daily routine and something I never forget to do.

At first, affirmations can seem pointless. I totally get why people give up on them after a short time! When I first began doing them last year, it at times felt ridiculous. I’d be telling myself that I’m “Wealthy and abundant,” yet my soul is screaming “You’re fucking broke AND in debt, are you insane, don’t be so stupid!!”

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Book Review: The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

If I was to give one book to all the people in the world who want to make big changes in their life, this would be it. Not because it’s the best self-development book I’ve read. “Think and Grow Rich” remains the granddaddy for me (in fact, it is even mentioned in THIS book!). Not because it’s had the biggest impact on my life; “The Power of Now” and “Conversations With God” both switched on lightbulbs within me that this one never did. The reason I would choose it is because out of all those books, this is the easiest to digest. Read more

The Lowest Point of My Year (and how to get through it!)

I wasn’t sure if I’d ever make this video public. It was done totally spur of the moment and initially, I recorded purely for myself. I wanted a record of how bad I felt at that moment, so I could remind myself in future, of just how far I’d come. This was made a few weeks ago and I’m happy to say, I’m feeling a lot better now.

The key to getting me through this period in my life without breaking down and sinking into negativity, despair and hopelessness? To continue working on myself DAILY. That means affirmations, meditation, reading, learning, keeping faith in the universe and taking action.

I’ll be talking more about my mediation and affirmation routines soon. For now, here’s the lowest point of my year…..


How a Broke, Single Mother Created Her Dream Life – Lisa Nichols Interview (video)

How a Broke, Single Mother Created Her Dream Life – Lisa Nichols Interview (video)

I just love this story told by a mother who I could really empathise with. OK, I’ve never had the extraordinary responsibility of having a child to look after whilst going through financial problems (and I’m so thankful for that) but I felt her pain viscerally in this moving account. Because right now, I’m going through many of those same fears and working through those same limiting beliefs and old, programmed ways of thinking which Lisa tells about in this video.

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Why Donald Trump CANNOT hurt you!

Why Donald Trump CANNOT hurt you!

Don’t worry, this post is NOT about politics! Not at its heart, anyway. And yes, the way things are going, he may well be the cause of a nuclear war with North Korea which will hurt pretty much everyone on the planet! However, when it comes to our every day lives, there is very little that Trump and his incompetent administration can actually do to you – if you understand that you already have the power to get what you want.

You can say that these are strange times in which we are living but in my opinion, there has never been anything but strange times! The whole world has been messed up for a very long time, certainly since humans have had the ability to record history, going back 5,000 years and who knows beyond that. It would be nice to think there was a time when the human race lived in complete utopia (and some believe there was) but to think that this was any time in living memory or in recorded history, is a total fallacy.

It’s incredible to think that in all recorded human history, there have been, from one account I read, less than 300 of those years where there was no war anywhere on the planet.


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The Song Lyrics That Can Change Your Life

The Song Lyrics That Can Change Your Life

I thought I would share this beautiful song with you as the lyrics could not be more relevant to everything this blog is about. The weird thing is, it’s by Massive Attack, who are my favourite music producers and I’ve had this track for years but never took much notice of the lyrics till last year.

I suddenly realised what was being said and fully understood it for the first time – which shows how much more aware you become once you go deeper into this journey of self development. Similar to reading “Think and Grow Rich”, which the first time around, I was not aware enough to fully understand.

I ended up playing it every morning for 6 months and it really helped me during a tough period. It reminded me what I needed to do to stay on the right path towards creating the life I desired. I hope it might do the same for you.

I’ve pasted the lyrics below and analysed them, so you fully understand. Do as they say and there’s no doubt in my mind, you have a blueprint for success.


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Just Think Positive!! (and other annoying sayings)

When feeling anxious or depressed, has anyone ever told you to “Just think positive!!” It’s fucking annoying, right?! Is it the wrong thing to say? Check out my latest video to see what my opinion is, as someone who no longer has anxiety….

A Day in the Life Part 2: How My Thoughts & Actions Have Changed Since I Crushed Anxiety

How My Thoughts Have Changed Since Anxiety

Continuing from part 1, this is an analysis of the second half of my day trip to London, comparing how I think and act as someone without anxiety, to how I was when I had an anxiety disorder.

Train Station

AsĀ  we approach the ticket barriers on mass, most passengers are either confused, tentative or follow each other like sheep to one of the barriers. They don’t want to go first. Or they don’t know which barrier to go through so blindly follow someone they think knows better (not realising they are just as clueless!).

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